Reflecting Europe in its Museum Objects

Call for Contributions

ICOM Europe, the European regional organization of the International Council of Museums, and the Museum of Europe in Brussels have joined to edit a publication that reflects Europe in selected museum objects. We would like to encourage curators in Europe to choose objects, paintings or photographs that they consider relevant for the comprehension of Europe’s diversity, its transnational relationships, its common experiences and future perspectives. With this inclusive format of participation we intend to trigger a debate on the representation of Europe in its museum objects, because

- they reflect hopes and anxieties of every specific historical situation,
- they show the panorama of human creativity despite war and persecution,
- they are witness of the finest examples of human expression, craftsmanship and inventory spirit.

With this open call for contributions we address all museums in Europe to participate in our joint endeavour. We encourage all National Committees of ICOM and other professional museums networks in Europe to disseminate this call and to initiate a debate about the process of selecting relevant objects.


First Edition of ICOM-Europe's "Views and Activities"


Information about the Publication
The publication will be the second edition of ICOM Europe's “Views and Activities” .
Format: 14 x 14 cm, booklet illustrated with colored pictures
Language: English
Number of pages: 72
Printed copies: 5000
Dissemination: free of charge, except for postal fee.
The publication will first be distributed at the General Conference of ICOM in Shanghai, China (Nov. 7 to Nov. 12, 2010) and it can then be ordered by museums and professional organizations.

How to participate?
Your contribution will consist of a royalty free reproduction of the object in form of a professional photograph (300 dpi) and an explanatory text referring to the object, its relevance and meaning in the context of the above mentioned aspects. Please make sure that the museum direction approves your choice and text, because the selection will refer to and mention the museum as well.
We kindly ask you to send your contribution form, which you can download from the ICOM Europe website ( filled out in English to: no later than March 19, 2010. The result of the selection will be communicated on April 15,  2010.

Selection committee
The final selection of the objects to be included in the publication will be made by a joint committee of members of the Board of ICOM Europe and the Museum of Europe including:
Prof. Krzysztof Pomian, Scientific Director of the Museum of Europe
Benoît Remiche, General Secretary of the Museum of Europe
Dr. Isabelle Benoit, Director for International Development, Museum of Europe, and Board Member of ICOM Europe
Dr. Udo Goesswald, Director of Neukoelln Museum, Berlin, and Chair of ICOM Europe
Dr. Damodar Frlan, Director of the Ethnographical Museum of Croatia and Board Member of ICOM Europe

Prize for the best contribution
The best contribution will receive a travel grant given by ICOM Europe for the ICOM Europe Tour 2010 in China, which will be organized as a pre-conference tour of the  General Conference of ICOM in Shanghai at the beginning of November 2010. (see:

Udo Goesswald, Chair ICOM Europe
Krzysztof Pomian, Scientific Director of the Museum of Europe

document: Reflecting_Europe in its Museum Objects Contribution Form (.doc)


October 30 to November 5, 2010

ICOM Europe Tour and Conference 2010

Topic: Respecting Cultural Heritage for Our Common Future
Locations in China:  Xian, Loyang, Kaifung (3 Ancient Capitals) and Zhengzhou
In Cooperation with ICOM China and ICOM Germany

The ICOM Europe Tour and Conference 2010 will take place in China from October 30 to November 5, 2010 and intends to foster the dialogue between European and Chinese museums on the topic of “Respecting Cultural Heritage for Our Common Future”. It is our great pleasure to organize this tour in cooperation with ICOM China on the occasion of the General Conference of ICOM in Shanghai (Nov. 7 to Nov. 12)  and together with the distinctive institutions of Cultural Heritage in the Chinese provinces of Shaanxi and Henan. The tour and conference is also being supported by ICOM Germany and the program of the German Foreign Ministry “China and Germany – In Action together”. Museums play an important role in communicating the respect for cultural heritage in the process of global modernization and urbanization. Therefore examples of good practice by Chinese and European museums will be presented and discussed.

European ICOM members, who wish to apply for the tour and conference are asked to hand in a one-page paper and a series of photographies (max. 5) about their museum or a relevant museum project that they wish to present at the conference by March 15, 2010. (Format: Power-Point as PDF) The participants will be chosen by the ICOM Europe Board aiming to present a broad variety of highly qualified museums from different European countries. A detailed program will be available on our website by the end of February. The registration fee is 150 Euros. The expenses for the tour will be approximately 500 Euros, including the flights from Peking to Xian and from Zhengzhou to Shanghai. All flight reservations will be made on an individual basis. Ground transportation (bus) and hotel reservations are being provided by our local partners. Two travel grants for European ICOM-members under 35 are available.

Please send your applications together with a short 6-line CV to:

document: itinerary (.pdf - March 23, 2010)

Dr. Udo Goesswald
Chair ICOM Europe





Pressrelease - ICOM Europe - Long Night of Museums on May 16, 2009

ICOM Europe wishes to assure that it very much welcomes the celebration of the Long Night of Museums in Europe on the 16th of May 2009

document: Pressrelease - Long Night of Museums 2009 (.pdf)






Activity report 2007-2008

document: activity report 2007-2008 (.pdf)



October 23- 25, 2008

A Call for Conference Participation

Migration in Museums: Narratives of Diversity in Europe

Open to museum professionals, exhibition curators, researchers from the humanities and social sciences, representatives from immigrant communities and artists.

organized by
Network Migration in Europe e. V.,
ICOM Europe (International Council of Museums),
Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations Humaines, Dudelange (Luxemburg)

in cooperation with the following six Berlin-based museums
- Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen/Museum of Film and Television
- Jüdisches Museum Berlin/Jewish Museum Berlin
- Jugendmuseum Schöneberg/Youth Museum Schöneberg
- Kreuzberg Museum
- Museum Neukölln
- Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin (Märkisches Museum)/City Museum Berlin 

Location: Berlin (in participating museums)

The project is supported within the framework of the Berlin Hauptstadtkulturfonds

For further information, please visit the website or contact us via E-mail (

Applications should be sent to the given email address by May 30, 2008. The selection committee will choose and notify the participants by the end of June 2008

document: Call for Participation Migration in Museums (.pdf)


September 28 - October 5, 2008

ICOM Europe Tour 2008

Museum Tour and Conference “Between the Old and the New Europe”
In cooperation with ICOM Albania, ICOM Macedonia (FYR), ICOM Greece, ICOM Turkey and ICOM Germany

Tirana, Korce, Ohrid, Bitola, Vergina, Thessaloniki and Istanbul

Icom Europe Tour 2008 - Tour Photos

Tour Photos
link: Tour Photos from Nezka Pfeifer at

document: Announcement for ICOM Europe Tour 2008 (.pdf)

document: Programm - ICOM Europe Tour 2008 (.pdf)


ICOM - Concert for Sichuan

Duo Dong West
Vivien Lee (voc.) and Volker Greve (piano, perc.)

German Historical Museum Berlin
Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin

August 31, 2008, 3:00 P.M.

ICOM Europe and ICOM Germany are organizing a fund-raising concert for the reconstruction and restoration of sites and relics of cultural heritage that were destroyed during the earthquake in Sichuan, China, in May this year. International media has hardly taken notice of the fact that several museums and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites were badly damaged. Detailed  information about the damages to Chinese museums in the region can be found at:

The concert will take place on August 31, 2008 at the German Historical Museum in Berlin.
(see: It features the Chinese-German Duo Dong West with the singer Vivien Lee and the pianist and percussionist Volker Greve. The Duo Dong West links European and Chinese musical traditions in a unique way. Their compositions, improvisations and arrangements may be described as Chinese Ethno-Jazz.
(see: The funds will be used to support restoration works in museums in Sichuan.


Agenda - ICOM Europe General Meeting, June 1, 2008

document: Agenda General Meeting Paris 2008 (.pdf)


Pressrelease - ICOM Europe - Night of Museums on May 17, 2008

ICOM-Europe wishes to express its appreciation and support of the Night of Museums on May 17, 2008. Together with the International Museum Day on May 18, 2008 this event is designed to link museums in Europe

document: Pressrelease - Long Night of Museums 2008 (.pdf)


Minutes of the Eighth Board Meeting, April 2008

document: Minutes ot the 8th Board Meeting (.pdf)


Workshop cancelled and postponed! New location and dates coming soon!

April 2 - 6, 2008

ICOM Europe and ICOM Arab
Third Meeting

Training Session for Young Museums’ Professional “Creating Exhibitions”

document: Curator Workshop ICOM Europe ICOM Arab Morocco.pdf (.pdf)





Pressrelease - European Digital Library Foundation welcomed by the Commissioner, November 28, 2007

document: Pressrelease - European Digital Library Foundation, November 28, 2007 (.pdf)

document: (French Version) Comminiqué de Presse - La création de la Fondation Bibliothèque numérique,
                    européenne, 28 Novembre 2007 (.pdf)


Letter to the Chairpersons of the National Committees, November 2007

document: Letter to the Chairpersons of the National Committees, November 2007 (.pdf)


Minutes of the ICOM Europe General Meeting, August 2007

document: Minutes of the ICOM Europe General Meeting (.pdf)


September 28, 2007

Dubrovnik Global Heritage Forum

Dubrovnik Global Heritage Forum

Key Topic: “Reclaiming Cultural Property”
Hosted by ICOM Europe

The Best in Heritage, September 27 - 29, 2007


document: Dubrovnik Global Heritage Forum (.pdf)



August 18, 2007

ICOM Europe General Meeting

Saturday, August 18, 2007,
9:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.,
University of Vienna

document: Agenda General Meeting (.pdf)

document: CV Isabel Benoit (.pdf)

document: CV Damodar Frlan (.pdf)

document: CV Jari Harju (.pdf)

document: CV Alexander Kalbaska (.pdf)

document: CV Margriet de Jong (.pdf)

document: CV Janja Rebolj (.pdf)


Agenda of ICOM Europe 2007 - 2010

document: Agenda of ICOM Europe 2007 - 2010 (.pdf)


Minutes of the Seventh Board Meeting, March 2007

document: Minutes ot the 7th Board Meeting (.pdf)


Pressrelease - Long Night of Museums in Europe on the May 19, 2007

document: Pressrelease - Long Night of Museums in Europe on the May 19,2007 (.pdf)


July 1 - 8, 2007

International "Baltic Museology School" under the auspices of ICOM-Europe
Jurmala, Latvia

International "Baltic Museology School"

Theme: Museological Aspects of Museum Management

Lecturers: Anja Dauschek (Germany) & Lynne Teather (Canada)


document: Baltic Museology School (.pdf)

The Baltic Museology School under the patronage of ICOM Europe is a longterm Baltic States collaborative project in the further education of museum professionals, which each year runs a week-long educational programme focussing on one aspect of museum work and linking museum theory with practice. As the BMS is an international collaboration, the programme is conducted in English.


Letter to the Chairpersons of the National Committees, January 2007

document: Letter to the Chairpersons of the National Committees, January 2007 (.pdf)





Minutes of the Sixth Board Meeting, May 2006

document: Minutes ot the 6th Board Meeting (.pdf)


Minutes of the Fifth Board Meeting, March 2006

document: Minutes ot the 5th Board Meeting (.pdf)


Activity report 2005-2006

document: activity report 2005-2006 (.pdf)



September 16 - 20, 2006

Museum Tour and Conference
South Eastern Europe
in Cooperation with ICOM-Slovenia, ICOM-Croatia, ICOM-Serbia and Montenegro,
ICOM-Bosnia and Herzegovina, ICOM-SEE and ICOM-Cross Cultural Task Force

Venues: Ljubljana, Zagreb, Banja Luca, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik
Theme: “Museums for Peace and Cultural Diversity”

Programme (.pdf)

In the aftermath of the wars in former Yugoslavia a difficult process of reconciliation has begun. Regional and national cultural identities are being redefined, leading to both: new segregation and new forms of joint civic engagement. Museums are a very important part in this process. ICOM-Europe wants to give ICOM-members the opportunity to participate in this important dialogue and to exchange experiences on how the revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage can resolve in the area.

By visiting major cities and sites in the region the conference will enable participants to compare the efforts made by museums in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Banja Luca and Sarajevo to preserve, rebuild or establish collections, that reflect the following basic aspects:
1. National and European Identities
2. The Representation of Minorities
3. The Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage
4. The Commemoration of the Wars
5. Transnational Dialogue and Cultural Diversity.
In the year of ICOMs 60th anniversary the conference aims at fostering a discussion about the role of museums on the road to sustainable peace and democracy.

The conference will end in Dubrovnik and link with the symposion “Best in Heritage”, that takes place from September 21 – 23, 2006. This will enable participants to additionally be part of a major event in Europe, that presents museums of excellence throughout the world. “Best in Heritage” takes place under the patronage of ICOM and includes an important summit of organizations, that deal with cultural heritage.

For further information about the programme see the

To register for the ICOM-Europe Museum Tour and Conference “Museums for Peace and Cultural Diversity” please contact The registration fee is 80 Euros. (40 Euros for students) ICOM-members from Bosnia-Herzegovina remain free of charge. To register for the conference “Best in Heritage” please contact and ask for special registration fee. After registering you will receive informations in order to book your hotels.

Travel grants
ICOM-Europe supplies a limited amount of travel grants, especially for ICOM-members under the age of 35. Please apply for travel grants with your CV and a letter of request to

Udo Gößwald
Chair ICOM-Europe



July 9 - 16, 2006

Third international "Baltic Museology School"
under the auspices of ICOM-Europe
Valmiera, Latvia

Theme: Heritage in Museums

Lecturers: Peter van Mensch (Netherlands) & Francois Mairesse (Belgium)



International Scholarship Programme on the history of the 20th Century

A programme for museums, memorial sites, archives and research institutions of the “Remembrance and Future” Fund in cooperation with the German National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM-Germany) and the German Museums Association

The “International Scholarship Programme on the History of the 20 th -Century” is open to all types of museums, as well as to archives and research establishments. Project applications must be submitted by the German institutions. The grant includes a weekly allowance of 300 euros for the person-specific grants. Additionally, the sending institution can request 300 euros weekly for its expenses. For each exchange project, up to 3,000 euros can be requested supplementary for the associated meetings/workshops of the respective partner organisations.

The exchanges should support a joint research on questions concerning the representation of the 20 th century. The research they propose must be related to an exhibition by the participating organisations. Priority will be given to exchange projects with institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Project applications must be submitted until 30 th September 2006. A complete description of the program, the application form and further information are available online at .

Program: Program (.pdf) [Ausschreibungstext...pdf]
Flyer: Fl y er (.pdf)  [ Flyer-English.pdf]

Johanna Westphal
ICOM-Germany / ICOM-Europe
In der Halde 1
14195 Berlin, Germany

Tel. (+49 30) 6950 4525
Fax (+49 30) 6950 4526



March 22 - 26, 2006

Berlin and Oldenburg
ICOM-Europe and ICOM-Arab
Second Workshop

Theme: Bridging Cultures through Exhibitions

Program: Program (.pdf)
Flyer: Flyer (.pdf)
Download: Opening Speech Berlin Dr. Omran (.pdf)
Download: Opening Speech Berlin Udo Gößwald (.pdf)
Download: Opening Speech Oldenburg Udo Gößwald (.pdf)

Johanna Westphal
ICOM-Germany / ICOM-Europe
In der Halde 1

14195 Berlin, Germany
Tel. (+49 30) 6950 4525
Fax (+49 30) 6950 4526

Chedlia Annabi
Musée national de Carthage
Place de l'UNESCO

2016 Carthage, Tunisia
Tel. (+216) (0) 71730036
Fax (+216) (0) 71742040


Patronage of the exhibition “Saladin and the Crusaders” that tours Mannheim,
Halle and Oldenburg in Germany






Udo Gößwald is the new President of ICOM-Europe (Press release, .pdf)

Portrait Udo Gößwald (.pdf)

Letter of the Chairman Udo Gößwald, September 2005 (.pdf)

Minutes of the the Forth Board Meeting, June 2005 (.pdf)

Letter of the Chairman Hans-Martin Hinz, February 2005 (.pdf)

Activity Report 2005 (.pdf)

“National + Regional = International.
ICOM’s Policy for the Regional Organisations”
Dr. Hans-Martin Hinz, Member of the Executive Council of ICOM (.pdf)

September 17 - 25, 2005

Vilnius/Lithuania, Brest/Belarus, Lviv/Ukraina
Cooperation: ICOM Europe, ICOM Belarus, ICOM Lithuania and ICOM Ukraine

Theme: Shifting Borders - Changing Identities

Alexander Kalbaska

3, Brovki Str
2200013 Minsk, Belarus
tel. (+370) (0) 2066366
fax: (+375) (0) 2292355

Katja Rossocha
ICOM Europe

Link: Program (.pdf)
Link: Minutes Lviv (.pdf)
  Minutes Vilnius (.pdf)
  Minutes Brest (.pdf)

August 14 - 21, 2005

Second international "Baltic Museology School"
under the auspices of ICOM-Europe

Bernati, Latvia


February 10 - 13, 2005

Cooperation: ICOM Europe and ICOM Arab

Theme: Children and Heritage

Chedlia Annabi

Musée national de Carthage
Place de l'UNESCO
2016 Carthage, Tunisia
tel. (+216) (0) 71730036
fax: (+216) (0) 71742040

Johanna Westphal
ICOM Europe

Link: Program (.pdf)
Link: Participants (.pdf)





Chairman's letter to the members of ICOM-Europe (.pdf)


General meeting of ICOM-Europe 2004
during the 20th General Conference of ICOM in Seoul (Korea)
6th October 2004, 16.30 – 18.00 o’clock,
COEX Convention Center, Seoul (Korea)

- Invitation to the General meeting of ICOM-Europe 2004 (.pdf)
- Activity Report 2004 (.pdf)
- Amendment of the Rules (.pdf)
- Confirmation of the board of ICOM-Europe for the period 2005 – 2007
- Amended Rules 2004 (.pdf)
- Minutes of the General Meeting in Seoul (.pdf)


Patronage of the Baltic Museology School 2004
"Museums and their Role in Contemporary Society"
27th June - 3rd July 2004, Sigulda, Latvia



Patronage of a conference
“Das Exponat als historisches Zeugnis” (Berlin, 2004) and
“Jenseits der Dinge. Das Museum und das Immaterielle“ (Luxemburg, 2005)
17th-18th June 2004, Berlin, Deutsches Historisches Museum
(contact Berlin:
(contact Luxembourg:

Link: Program (.pdf)
Link: International Working Group


Patronage of a conference series about
“Museums in post-communist times”
22nd-24th April 2004, Berlin, Museum Berlin-Karlshorst
(third venue after Twer/Russia and Minsk/Belarus in 2003)

Link: Conference report





Activity report 2003

Document: Chairman's report to the Advisory Committee of ICOM


Patronage of a conference series about
„Museums in post-communist times“
April 2003 Twer/Russia
(contact: Anneta Sundjewa,
September 2003: Minsk/Belarus
(contact: Alla Stashkevich,]
(in April 2004 Berlin/Germany)


Patronage of the international conference
“Illegal Archaeology”
May 2003, Berlin

Document: Berlin Resolution

Partner of a Muse.Doma conference

March 2003, Berlin


Cooperation with the Network of European Museums Organisations (NEMO)

First talks between the chairpersons in order to co-operate on EU-themes
and to prevent double structures and competition among the two regional organizations.

Document: Chairman's Speech at NEMO Conference, Berlin, November 2003