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Minutes of the Eighth Board Meeting

Held on April 4, 2008

Musée d’Europe, Brussels

Isabelle Benoit, Switzerland
Damodar Frlan, Croatia
Udo Gösswald, Germany, Chairman
Jari Harju, Finland
Margriet de Jong, Netherlands
Janja Rebolj, Slovenia

Not attending:
Alexander Kalbaska, Belarus

1 Welcome by the Chairman
The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Udo Gösswald. He went over the Agenda adopted by the Vienna General Meeting.

2 Minutes of the Last Board Meeting
The minutes of the previous Board meeting were adopted unchanged.

3 ICOM-Europe Tour 2008
The Chairman presented the preliminary programme and budget of the Tour. During programme preparation, Udo Gösswald will be in touch with Albania and Greece, Janja Rebolj with Macedonia and Isabelle Benoit and Margriet de Jong with Turkey.

The Board discussed the registration fee and decided that the registration fee will be €120 and for students €80.

The Chairman will post a notification of this on the mailing list in April. The number of participants will be restricted so that one bus will be enough.

4 International Workshop
The Rabat workshop was cancelled because the Moroccan contact person withdrew from the project. The Board decided that in the future ICOM-Europe will not organise events like that but will be ready to offer its support to projects promoting networking between museum professionals.

5 General Meeting in Paris
The General Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Advisory Committee on Sunday 1 June. More specific details of the time will be provided later. The meeting venue will be the announced.

The ICOM-Europe Agenda will be presented and more detailed information about the Tour will be provided at the meeting.

6 Application for EU Funding
Mrs. Edith Genser (Programme Coordinator) visited the meeting to inform attendants about the opportunities of ICOM-Europe to apply for EU support for its activities. This resulted in the Board stating that ICOM-Europe should seriously consider submitting an application in autumn 2008.

Isabelle Benoit will first study the application documents, after which the Board can decide on the application.

7 Europeana
This is a project where European museums, archives and libraries post digitised material on a joint Internet portal. ICOM-Europe is a project partner represented by Prof. Monika Hagedorn-Saupe. The Board decided that there is little capacity to promote Europeana,
but that it will support the project as it can. Decisions to participate will be made by individual museums, not by national ICOM committees.

8 Museums Night
Udo Gösswald has written a press release on the support provided by ICOM-Europe to the expansion of the Museums Night event in Europe. The Board discussed the opportunity to influence the realisation of national Museum Night events. The discussion resulted in the Board concluding that it is difficult to create a uniform procedure because many countries have already established their own traditions.

The Board decided to collect information about Museum Nights in 2009 from different European countries and publish them as an event calendar on the ICOM-Europe website.

9 Views and Activities vol 2
Views and Activities vol 1 is out of print. Udo Gösswald proposed that a new publication be made in the same format. He suggested that museums be asked to send a picture of an item that in the museum’s opinion reflects the area’s European heritage for the new publication.

Isabelle Benoit accepted to ask for financial support by the Musée d’Europe. If this is approved, the request to European museums will be launched in June, ask them to send  pictures of objects, texts and captions by October. ICOM Paris will be approached, if it can help with the dessimination of the broshure. 

10 Financial Situation
Regional alliances will not get regular support from the ICOM budget, but they will be able to apply for financial support for individual projects. In 2008 ICOM-Europe was granted support for the publication of Views and Activities. The Board decided that in autumn 2008 ICOM-Europe will apply for the grant for projects supporting ICOM’s Strategic Plan.

ICOM-Germany was thanked for supporting the activities of ICOM by sponsoring the travel expenses of the chairman and some fundng of Udo Goesswald’s assistant Katharina Fibig. 

11 Miscellaneous
Janja Rebolj presented the Volunteers for Cultural Heritage project and asked the Board members to disseminate information about it.

Jari Harju