Board - Minutes


Members of the Board




of the Forth Board Meeting
Term 2003 - 2005

Held on 05th June 2005, 6.30 p.m. – 21.00 p.m.

At the Hotel IBIS Paris
2, rue Cambronne, 75015 Paris


Hans-Martin Hinz, ICOM-Europe (Chair)
Ebba Brännback, Finland
Ralf Ceplak Mencin, Slovenia
Theresa Vella, Malta
Barbara Woroncow , Great Britain

Agrita Ozola, Latria
Michel von Praet, France

In attendance:
Udo Gößwald, Germany
Alexander Kalbaska, Chair ICOM-Belarus

Executive Secretaries:
Katja Roßocha, ICOM-Europe
Johanna Westphal, ICOM-Europe

The letter of invitation to the meeting of the board was mailed out on Wednesday, April 6th 2005, the agenda and the Activity Report 2005 was sent on Thursday, May 26th 2005. The President of ICOM-Europe, Hans-Martin Hinz, welcomed the members of the board to the meeting in Paris and declared that a majority of the members of the board were present. He welcomed also Mr. Alexander Kalbaska and Mr. Udo Gößwald, who joined the meeting. Hans-Martin Hinz explained that the members of ICOM-Europe had received an invitation to attend the meeting through a letter from the Chairman, dated April and May 2005, which included the relevant documents. The Agenda for the Annual Meeting 2004 comprised, but Ebba asked to put under position 5 “Others” a further theme – she would like to discuss the widely discussed issue “lending of objects”. The board agreed.

Agenda, No 1: Activity Report 2005
The Chairman highlighted the most important activities of the Regional Organisation covered in the written report (see documents). Barbara underlined that the ICOM-Europe board should encourage ICOM-members to cooperate with other National committees (like ICOMGermany and ICOM-UK do on the occasion of a joint annual conference in October this year). So we could strengthen the importance of a strong Regional Organization and to force international co operations in general. She also made some corrections within the written Activity report (please see “Activity Report”).

Alexander Kalbaska explained roughly the difficult situation of the Belarusian ICOM-National committee which is nearly the same as all NGO’s have in Belarussia. Ralf Ceplak mentioned the stagnant collaboration with NEMO, the Network of European Museums Organization. He would like to strengthen the dialog. Barbara explained that time is advantageous in the moment after the board and secretary changed. She suggested to ask for financial support from the EU in Brussels – as NEMO also gets money from there.

2. Task Force Regional Organisation
Hans-Martin reported shortly about the situation of the Regional Organisation within ICOM and explained this mission of the Task Force (chaired by Gary Edson) to lead them to more autonomy and a stronger position. He also reports that a discussion took place yesterday (Saturday, 4th of June), in the Executiv Council how to develop the RO and that a renewed guideline to strengthen international co operations should be implemented. Good co operations begin with the meeting of ICOM-France in Berlin, one week ago etc. Theresa also underlines the importance of the RO and thinks about a good relationship with those National Committees who are not well able to force cooperations, like ICOM-Belarus. Barbara brings up the question of the definition of a RO, which normally is orientated on the UNESCO’s definition, does Georgia belong to ICOM-Europe of ICOM-Asia? Hinz says that it is depending on the UNESCO-definition and that the Task Force will work on the respective rules and distribute them to the members.

3. Position of the Chair of ICOM-Europe
Hans-Martin recommences again (he has done before in a letter to the board members) Udo Gößwald as his successor. He is the only candidate. The board votes and Udo gets all 5 votes (Barbara, Ebba, Theresa, Ralf and Hans-Martin). Udo accepts this position and says some words of thanks. From the 1st of July on he will act as president of chair of ICM-Europe.

4. Representatives of ICOM-France in the board
As Hans-Martin also Michel van Preat is member of the Executive Council and has to step down from his position as board member of ICMO-Europe. He suggests, as in similar cases before, to vote for his successor (as president of the National Committee), Dominique Ferriot. There are no other candidates and Dominik Ferriot is elected.

Berlin, 3rd September 2005
Udo Goesswald